America has a rich history of faith. From the planting of a cross and the prayers that were offered at Jamestown during the establishment of the first permanent English settlement in 1607, we have placed our fervent trust in God. Rev. Robert Hunt, an expedition leader, celebrated their newfound religious freedom by leading the small band in prayer every morning and evening, to affirm the Gospel of Christ as the primary mission of the settlers.

The Library of Congress—the indisputable and national repository for our written history—records that many of our Founders were deeply religious men. For most of them, God and government, religion and morality, were irrevocably bound and indivisible, woven together in a sacred plan that produced one of the greatest nations on the earth. These patriots honored Nature and Nature’s God, acknowledging a universal belief that God bound Himself in an agreement with a nation and its people.

Congress appointed chaplains for itself and the armed forces, sponsored the publication of a Bible and proclaimed national days of thanksgiving on a regular basis for the purpose of “humiliation, fasting, and prayer.” In times of national prosperity, we acknowledged our blessings and in times of tragedy and crisis, we humbly confessed that God was our only hope.

Unlike today, there was no corporate outrage, no lawsuits, no widespread demand that the government was forcing a particular faith on anyone, no loss of individual religious freedoms and rights, and no public outcry or demand by citizens to remove every reference or vestige of the Creator from the national conscious.

God is the true Author of human rights and therefore, worthy of our highest devotion and praise. We must carry this legacy of faith to the next generation.America, we must return to God and place our trust in Him once again!

Historical Prayers: